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Mexshipping Agency specializes in bulk cargoes, bulk minerals, tankers, Ro-Ro, project cargoes, yacht transportation, containers, liner vessels, crew changes, husbandry agency, salvatage, customs documentation, flag waiver, cargo re-expedition, and other maritime services to vessels and foreign trade.

Mexshipping Agency was created in 1998 thanks to the continuous growth of mexican ports and the constant need for a Shipping Agency that stands out by providing an award-winning world-class service that develops customer relationships based on trust and professionalism with an expert, honest and reliable team in the maritime business in Mexico.

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Experience with all types of cargo including bulk, fractionated, RORO, Project, liquid and containerized cargo.


  • Knowledge and expertice of mexican ports and local requirements.
  • Accurate and timely reports on berthing prospects/ vessel line-up, vessel operations, sailings and more
  • Port supervision, advance planning of operations with all parties involved.
  • Coordination with customs officer for cargo clearance.
  • Coordination with stevedore and chief officer during cargo operations, cargo reception / delivery, cargo lashing / securing supervision.
  • Detailed and precise statements of facts.
  • Efficient dispatch of cargo documents.
  • Accurate estimation of port cost PDA's.
  • Transparent and efficient DA processing.

+ 500

Ships serviced

+ 250000

Cars operated per year

+ 1100

Crew changes per year

+ 18143399

Tons Operated


Boulevard de las islas # 755 Int 1 Col. Isla del Cayacal, CP 60950 Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico


+52 753 540 36 00
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