About Us


Mexshipping Agency was established in 1995 as a result of the constant evolution of Mexican ports and after the need to have a shipping agency that understands the importance of quality service and customer relationship. Along with experts in the environment, the creator of Mexshipping, Lic. Eugenio Vargas Ceja, has created an environment of trust and professionalism in the maritime environment


A summary of the knowledge of the Mexshipping creator

  • Bachelor of Administration and Commerce.
  • Diploma in Port Administration by the Okland Port Authority.
  • Diploma from the New York Maritime University
  • Active in the maritime industry of the ports of Mexico since 1980.
  • Awarded with the Service Quality Award by the organization BID (Business Initiative Direction) in Genova, Paris, and London 2012 - 2015.


Satisfy the needs of each of our clients, offering excellence in our maritime agency services, providing security, professionalism and punctuality in port operations.

Communication advantages

Our office is fully computerized and our staff is connected from home to the office network, which gives us the ability to offer 24-hour service, weekends and holidays included. All of our offices have a database system in which all incoming and outgoing messages are viewed by all staff. It is a virtual group of 24 hours / 7 days a week, each covering the other at different times in the world. In this way, we have covered the need of all companies in the shipping world.